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Did you know that many West Australian Spa companies get their spas from America or China? West Coast Spas are made right here in WA or on the East Coast of Australia. How does this effect you? Well local service is always better than dealing with another Country. Also why pay freight twice? We use Australian and West Australian parts, this guarantees quality, reliability and availability for years to come. We can give you a better spa at a better price.

We have been delivering spas for years all over the state from Esperance to Port Hedland. Where ever you are there is a good chance a number of our spas are already in your town.

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WA and Australian made quality

WA Country orders FAQ

Q. How do I get the spa to my town?
A. We can arrange freight to your local transport depot or to your home. Depending how far your town is, sometimes we bring it there our selves.

Q. How much is freight
for a spa
A. Give us a call and we can get you a quote. Phone 08 9301 4922
Ask how we can help you with freight charges.

Q. What if the spa breaks down? Do you have agents in the country?
A. Our spas are made in WA we install the highest quality components available. Rarely do we have any problems with our spas, if for some reason there was a problem, we can orgasnise the repair of a spa anywhere in Australia.

Q. How long does it take to get a spa to my town?
A. If we have your spa in stock, we can get it on a truck within a couple of days, if we make your spa to your custom order we can get it to you in approximately 3 weeks.

Q. Who do you use for Freight?
A. It depends on where you are, we will usually get a few quotes and pick the best one for your needs, for an example we may use Pacific transport for Broome, Centurion transport for Karatha, P & E Transport for the Pilbara. Toll for Exmouth and Kalgoorlie, Goad Transport for Albany, Country Carriers for Geraldton and for many Southwest towns we can take the spas down with our own delivery service.

WA country referrals

Dear Rob
I just wanted to say thank you so much, the spa looks absolutely fantastic and the guys who installed the spa were so helpful and very professional. It is nice to know there are still companies out there with very high standards.
Again Graham and I say thanks. Kind Regards
Graham and Sonya H of Mandurah.

The above referral really made us happy as Sonya is a customer relationship manager for a rather large Motor vehicle dealership.

Hi Rob
Just thought I would let you know that our spa has arrived. Thanks for the prompt service. It's a nice change to get things sent promptly up to Hedland as it usually takes forever. Thanks once again.
Daniel M South Hedland.

Dear West Coast Spas
My partner and I both dabble in sports and live and work in the Pilbara. Our spa arrived in February and has done wonders for us especially of a night time when we want to unwind and relax. It’s also great for tired and aching muscles. Wonderful investment Thank you.
Tanith M North West


Buying West Australian products means you will get a better quality product that uses local and Australian parts and labor.

When you spend money on overseas or over east manufactured products, your money leaves the state taking West Australian jobs with it.

Do your bit for WA and in return you will receive better product with better local service and a better price.