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Spa Girls

Swim Spas
love life love myspa

myswim gym spa3.95m

mylapswim spa4.45m

personal trainer spa4.45m




Plunge Pools

Plundge pool versions from $16990


Plunge Pool Version (from $16,990)

Dimensions 3960 x 2290 x 1350mm, 5500 Litres
3 seats, 800kg empty weight

myswim gym spa

myswim gym specs
Free Heat/cool pump with Extreme model


mylapswim spa

Plunge Pool Versions (from $16,990)
Dimensions 4450mm x 2290mm x 1390 height
5500 litres, 800kg empty weight, seats 12 Adults

Mylapswim specs
Free Heat/cool pump with Extreeme model


Plunge Pool Version (from $17990)
Dimensions 4450 x 2290 x 1390mm, 6000 Litres
4 seats, 875 kg empty

personal trainer spa
Free Heat/cool pump with Extreme model

Heat pump
Free heat/cool pump upgrade on Extreeme model
(Up to 75% less heating costs than a normal swim spa)
The heat/cool pump also has the ability to cool your spa (a must have for our hot summers)

Swim Spa WA lady

Kids in Swim Spa

Free Heat/cool pump with Extreme model

Spa heat pump
Free heat/cool pump upgrade on Extreme model
(Up to 80% less heating costs than a normal swim spa)
The heat/cool pump also has the ability to cool your spa (a must have for our hot summers)

More kids in swim spa

Swim spas are available as in the ground or as portable with a cedar cabinet or duratek plastic cabinet, the advantages of portable spas over inground spas is that portable spas sit in a warm insulated cabinet, where as inground spas sit in the cold ground. Portable swim spas contain all the running equipment in the warm cabinet, where as inground you would need to find a place for 4 pumps, a circ pump, a blower as well as an ozone system and control system, then this equipment would all be in the cold weather.
Portable swim spas are above pool fencing height, so this eliminates the need of a pool fence, but please note steps and heat pump plumbing may need to be fenced.
Portable spas are easier to inspect, repair and maintain as compared to a spa that is buried in the ground. Portable spas can use a heat pump, where as an inground swim spa would have to use a gas heater (old technology and non renewable energy)

Portable swim spas can also be put in to the ground

Swim Spa inground

Portable swim spa sunk
in to a deck

Swim Spa FAQ

Q. What is better the standard electric heaters that come with a spa, gas heating or Heat pumps
A. If you are only using your swim spa in summer and do not want to heat it, then the normal electric heaters are fine, but chances are you will want to put some heat into your spa, especially in spring, autumn and winter, swim spas can get very expensive to heat in the cooler months, so a gas heater or heat pump is your best option as they use somewhere between 70 and 80% less power
The heat pumps have 3 advantages over gas heating.
1. They can also cool the water (a must for summer)
2. They have no electrical or gas connection fee
(plugs in to spa)
Gas can cost up to $2,000 to connect, and even if you already have gas in your garden, this will probably need to be upgraded to a bigger copper pipe to take the larger than average gas consumption.
3. If you have solar power on your roof, your spa will be free to run, where as gas will never be free, it will keep going up in cost.
Gas is a dinosaur, we can do it for you, as we are not biased, we do both, but there is no reason to use gas, it is an old out dated technology.

Q. Can I put a portable swim spa in to the ground so that it is lower
A. Yes if you dig a large pit about 1 to 2m bigger than the spa, then build a retaining wall and put a slab on the bottom, you can lower the spa in to this area and then deck around it. You will need drainage such as a soak well running from some where in the pit. It is also possible to do the same by putting the spa half in the ground.

Q. What is more popular a spa in the ground or an above the ground portable version
Portable and above the ground is the most common these days, it is easier to install, less costs and the height of the spa means no pool fencing is needed (apart from fencing around the steps and heat pump
or any other obstacles)

Q. What do I need to put under the spa
A. A concrete slab is the preferred base for a spa, 150mm reinforced. It is possible to put the spas on pavers but the pavers would have to have compacted yellow sand under them and would have to be strong pavers to support the weight. A slab is the preferred option

Q. Do swim spas use much power
A. Swim spas can use a fair bit of power if you are using a standard spa heater, the power usage is mainly caused by a standard heater unit. If you use a heat pump with your swim spa, this will save you around 75% of your heating costs. Sapphire spas are awarded the
prestigious Splash Environment Spa Award, so you can be rest assured that there is no spa with a lower running cost. Our current promotion may end soon, all Extreme model swim spas come with a free heat pump

Q. How noisy is the heat pump
A. It is almost silent, the only noise from the heat pump is the noise of the fan, you can only just hear it from a couple of meters away

Q. Where are the spas made?
A. Proudly made in Australia

Aussie owned and made logo

Q. Are swim spas good for exercise, strength, rehabilitation and water therapy?
A. Yes, watch the following youtube videos

Q. Can I put the portable swim spa against a wall?
A. You are best of having at least 400mm from the wall as in the picture below, as there are inspection panels all around the spa, in the rare case that you would need repair, inspection and or maintenance, the service person needs to get in to the spa, having the spa against the wall will not allow this on one side. Some people have no option but to put the swim spa against a wall, if this is your only option keep in mind that the spa may have to be moved before inspection or maintenance can take place (this will be up to the spa owner, not the service person) and also be aware that inspection and maintenance is always better when spa is full and working.

Swim spa distance from wall
An ideal gap between a swim spa and a wall

Q. Where does the heat pump go and what does it look like
A. The closer to the swim spa the better as it will be more efficient, below you will see an ideal location for a Heat Pump, the heat pump is at the same side of the spa as the spa seating and the control system, the fan on the heat pump needs 2.5m free area in front of its self as to blow the air out, and 300mm behind and 500mm on each of the narrow sides. We have more information on this in the store.

swim spa heat pump location
An ideal heat pump location

Please note, that a heat pump does not actually have a pump in it, it is really just a heater/cooler, the unit uses the pump that is in the spa, it does not need a pump, it is called a heat pump and can be confusing, as people may think it is some type of pump, it is a heater/cooler and is very similar to a split system inverter type of air conditioner, but instead of heating or cooling the air, it is heating or cooling the water. This technology is very new for spas, but has been used for a while with swimming pools, however it is very cost effective and the purchase price is much lower when compared to heat pumps that are used for swimming pools.
Many of our competitors are still not using heat pumps yet, they are a little slow in adopting this new technology. In the future, this is the only type of heater that you will find in a spa.


gold medal winning spa

West Coast Spas 2015 Gold medal winner SPASA
(winning spa pictured)


Due to ever evolving technologies specifications may change without notice. Pictures for illustration purposes only






Beware of Cheap imports
Australian manufactured product are known for quality and reliability
Buying Australian keeps jobs in Australia, it is good for our economy and good for the environment

Aussie flag
Proudly Australian Made
Proudly Australian Owned

West Coast Spas director Robert Wood
These swim spas are as Australian as my dog

Reduce Carbon

Swim spas can use a lot of power, learn about our power saving options and reduce your carbon footprint

Spa gas heater

Gas is over 70% more cost effective in heating a spa pool or Swim spa

SPA heater pump
Heat pumps are 75% cheaper to run than a standard electric heater, and no connection costs, also cheaper to run than gas, with the added benefit of being able to cool the water
Learn more about our power saving options

There are many companies out there that knowingly or unknowingly mislead the public by making claims that they are an Australian owned company and have an Australian designed product, while this may be true, what they fail to mention is that their product is made in China. this misleads the general public as they assume it is an Australian made product

We have the option of getting our spas and swim spas made over seas, we will not do this for many reasons, such as: The level of customer service drops, the quality of the product drops, we loose jobs in Australia, it is better to keep your money in Australia and it is better, for the economy.

Companies do not get spas made overseas for better customer service and better quality, they do it to make more profit, and this is at the cost of Australian jobs, lower customer service and in most cases a lower quality product.

One of the saddest reasons that some companies get spas made over seas is because they burn all their Australian suppliers and then close their manufacturing plant, usually owing millions of dollars to Australian businesses. These companies go into voluntary administration, do not pay their suppliers, change their trading name, send their spa shapes and molds to China and then create a new company and trading name. Their previous customers loose all their warranty and the Australian businesses never get paid.

It really does show the integrity of these companies, they usually pocket the money and get away with it. No wonder no one here will supply them with product to make a spa.

Available colours

Midnight opal
Midnight opal spa colour

Silver white pearl
Silverwhite spa colour

Oceanwave Opal




Hard cover colours

Beige spa cover colour
Blue spa cover colour
espresso spa cover colour
green spa cover colour
Slate spa cover colour
Tan spa cover colour

Beware of spa companies claiming their spas are only assembled in China and use all Australian parts, this is not true, the main part of their spa; the Spa shell is made in China, Yet no where on their product does it say Made in China. Don't get caught out, companies are suppose to display where their product is made, but in the spa industry no one seems to obey these rules

Kids in Swim spa perth WA

Gold medal for poertable spa

West Coast Spas won the gold medal for portable spa at the 2015 Spa and pool association of WA

Portable swim spa 3/4 below ground

To put a portable swim spa in the ground, you need to dig a pit with around 500mm extra access all the way around. Decking can be used to fill in the gap.

Make sure there is some type of drainage going to a soak-well to allow for flooding from rain etc.

All the equipment stays in the spa cabinet, this saves you running costs as all the pumps and controllers are in the warm cabinet, rather than having an unsightly mass of pumps in your garden (some swim spas have up 5 pumps)

Simply install the spa below into a pit like above. This is the most efficent power saving way to have a spa in the ground

Portable swim spas come with a cedar cabinet. Plastic fake wood is available as an option

Swim spas come with free cabinet