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Spa Girls

spa and thatch gazebo

Spa Covers Perth

Call Prestige spa covers direct
They manufacturer covers 9361 3292

We no longer supply covers

We have a large range of colours that come with our spas, see the chart below to choose a colour, remember that the lighter colours show the dirt a bit more. If you need a customer made cover for a spa you already have, please call prestige spa covers, as we do not supply covers, we only supply covers with our new spas

When choosing a spa cover colour, some people match the colour of the spa, others may match the colour of the cabinet (Tan or Brown) Sometimes people may match the colour of their patio, gutters or window frames.

perth spa cover

Remember to keep your spa cover on your spa, this will ensure that the heat stays in the spa and that the dirt stays out. The spa covers also come with locks on 6 sides, this will keep unwanted guests out of your spa

Spa cover colours

Spa cover frequently asked questions

Q. Are the covers OK out in the weather?
A. Yes they are made of marine grade vinyl and the covers are higher in the middle to allow the rain to run off.

Q. How do I lock the spa cover?
A. The covers come with clips on the straps, there are female ends to these clips that you screw to the cabinet.

Q. Does this mean I don't need pool fencing?
A. You still need to fence your spa in Australia, but beware a 4yo can scale a pool fence, so keep your cover locked if you have kids as the covers are very good at keeping young children out of the spa.

Q. How do I get the spa cover to my house?
A. For a small fee, we can deliver the cover for you.

Q. How do I measure my spa for the cover to fit?
A. Use our spa measuring guide to measure your spa

Q. Can someone come and measure my spa for me?
A. Yes for a small fee someone can come and measure your spa.

Q. How do I measure my corners?
A. Use the guide below, A is where the curve starts on your rounded corners.

Q. What if my corners of my spa are square not rounded?
A. Just tell us you have square corners or give the dimensions A-B = 0
and C-D = 0

Q. What if my spa is a weird shape?
A. Take a photo and email it to us, the main thing is to give us all measurements and if in doubt let us know.

Q. What if my spa is Octagonal or hexagonal?
A. No worries, simply measure each side, the length and the width and draw us a little diagram, keep in mind that not all octagonal spas are the same
width and length

Spa Cover Measurements
spa cover measurements.

Call Prestige spa covers to go direct to the Manufacturer 9361 3292

Measure Width ______________
Measure Length _____________
Are Corners rounded or square?_______ (If rounded use (A to B and C to D)
Measure A to B _____________ (not needed if you have square corners)
Measure C to D _____________ (not needed if you have square corners)
Measure Lip of spa __________
Shape of spa _______________ round, square, rectangle or octagonal etc


Please note: Your spa cover is made to the measurements that you give us. You must give us the measurements in writing (fax, email or in person).
If you know the name or model of your spa, then we will most likely have the measurements on hand.
If your spa cover is a custom order made to the measurements that you supply and the cover does not fit, then it is your responsibility, so please make sure your measurements are correct (a good idea is to get someone else in your home to check your measurements)

Please note: if your spa cover needs to have square corners, do not supply us with an (A to B) or (C to D) measurement as above, just let us know that it has square corners. If you supply us with a (A to B) and a (C to D) measurements, your spa cover will come with rounded corners. Please phone if you do not understand these measurements.


Grey spa cover
Spa covers made in Perth WA

spa cover remover
Spa cover removers make it easy to remove your spa cover, they also lengthen the life of your spa cover.
Available from West Coast Spas



If you have had enough of your old spa, give us a call
We buy Second hand Spas