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Spa Girls

spa pump
Spa pumps

Spa Parts and Spa service and repairs

Here at West Coast Spas we have a huge range of spa parts, we stock parts to suit most brands, and if we havn't got your part in stock, we can normally get it in for you within a day or two.

We repair all brands of Australian and New Zeland manufactured spas

Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Touch pads, Head rests,, Jets, Blowers, Air buttons, spa covers and air switches. Spa Quip, Gecko, Waterways and Waterco.

Need to move your spa? Check out our spa moving service Spa relocation Perth

Spa gas heaters

To suit inground and portable spas

Hurlcon control systems and touch pads

spa gas heater
Classic Heater

Electric heaters also available 2kw 3 kw and 4.5 kw in stock. We also stock Spa Quip replacement heater elements and inground electric heating kits, including filter and pump.

Spa Filters and Filter cartridges
Large range of filters and filter cartridges to suit all brands of cartridge filters.
spa filter

spa filter cartridge

Excelsior spa pump and heater

Spa covers

spa cover

Spa Cover Colours
Check out our Spa Covers page for more infromation on Spa Covers

spa touch pad geckogecko spa touch pad
We stock Gecko touchpads, heaters and control systems.

If you have had enough of your old spa, give us a call
We buy Second hand Spas

spa blower
Spa blowers
SP 601 spa controller
Spa control systems

Spa Quip sp800 touch pad
Spa Touch pad sp 800
Sp750 Spa touchpad Spa touchpad SP750

spa heater controller sp 500
Spa heater/control system sp 500

Below are some digital touch pad manuals, feel free to down load them

Xcelsior manual
SP 500 manual

SP 600 manual

SP 750 manual
SP 800 guide
Gecko manual

Error 6 fix

spa jet
We stock most brands of Spa Jets


waterco spa heat pump

Waterco spa pump with heater and touchpad

Waterco Heat Pump
10 amp or 15 amp

Check out our Gazebos page

We sell parts for :
Barrier reef spas
Sunset Coast Spas