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Spa Girls

Coral Sands Spa
Spa and Sauna Package
cedar sauna
While stocks last
6 person spa pool

Cedar Sauna

myspecial or myfavourite 30
Included Sauna Features

Canadian Cedar
Carbon Fibre heating
Stereo CD player
Air Ioniser
Flat packed
Easy 30 minute set up
Internal and external lighting
Inside and outside digital control
Heats up to 60c
Normal household 10 amp power
also available in Hemlock


Burn up to 600 calories each use
The best known detox available
Great for your skin
Soothe aching muscles and joints
Relax the body

Included Spa Pool Features

Canadian Cedar Cabinet
Digital Control
Lockable Cover
Whisper Quiet Pump
Efficient Filtration System
Soft Durable Headrests
Quiet High Flow Blower
Hydrotherapy Jets
Air venturi system
Energy Efficient Heater
Quality Aristech acrylic
Built in ESKY (myfavourite only)
ABS insulated base
30 to 32 Jets
3 hp (5.2bhp) 2 speed pump
Davey running gear
Heats up to 42c

Made in Australia

Due to ever evolving manufacturing, specifications may change without notice

Spa & Sauna package

2 person cedar or hemlock sauna
5 or 6 person spa
1.99m x 1.99m x .765m
1100 litres
220kg dry weight

Available in a wide range of colours


No need to go to a day spa or resort to get spoilt, you can have the luxury of a spa and sauna in your own back yard. For as little as $8490 you can start receiving the benefits today.

It may be cold outside but you can have your spa set at 40c and your sauna set at 60c
When it is summer, simply turn your spa temperature down and enjoy the health benefits of a suana, followed with a nice cold splash in your spa.
There is no better way to enjoy all the seasons