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Spa Girls

spa and thatch gazebo

Joondalup Spas
Joondalup is a great place, it is the hub of spas and pools in the Perth Metropolitan area, West Coast Spas is one of the longest established dedicated spa companies in Joondalup

joondalup lake

Joondalup has a few National parks and one of the greenest cities that you will ever see


Joondalup History

Prior to European settlement Lake Joondalup provided a rich supply of food as well as inspiration for Nyoongar spiritual and ritual beliefs and practices
The original inhabitants of the Joondalup area were the Oor-dal-kalla people, . Joondalup derives its name from these Abororiginals. The Nyoongar word is Doondalup and it means ‘the lake that glistens’.

lake joondalup jetty

Early Europeen settlement in the area was mostly market gardens, small farms for animals and vineyards. Roads to the area were very limited.

In the 70s a plan was forged by the West Australian Government to make a City in the north that was self sustainable, supported by public transport such as rail and that had less of an impact on the environment. Joondalup was the first new town in Australia to be designed along the three line principle, which planned for economic, social and environment sustainability.

Joondalup Transport

As well as a train station Joondalup also has the Mitchell freeway, this makes traveling to and from Joondalup quite relaxing. Joondalup does not have the usual traffic problems that are common with many other areas.

Joondalup Learning Precinct

Joondalip ECU uni campus

Joondalup is the largest learning precinct in the world, no where else is there so many universities, colleges, anc acadamies in the same area

Joondalup arena

Joondalup arena is not just for sport events, it is also great for concerts and fesivals and even swiming

Joondalup Swimming pool

Joondalup Hospital

joondalup hospital
The biggest Hospital in the Northern Suburbs, this Health Campus is growing and 2010 was the start to the new development that will see this as one of the biggest hospitals in the state

Joondalup Shopping Centre

joondalup shopping centre
The Joondalup shopping centres is one of the only shopping centres that has a train station at the front of the enterance. The shopping centre also has a pub, restaurants and a cinema attached

Joondalup Resort

Joondalup resort

One of Australia's best resorts and function centres also has a world famous golf course

Joondalup Golf

Joondalup golf course

The resort is also famous for great concerts

Joondalup resort concert


West Coast Spas Diractor

"These spas are as Australian as my dog"

Aussie made spas

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