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Spa Girls

Warning 1
Failure to maintain your pH and Alkalynity will result in damage to your spa components.
Warning 2
Failure to maintain the spa sanitiser can result in serious illness; bacteria can multiply to very dangerous levels in heated spas.

Spa Chemicals and Sanitisers

At West Coast Spas we have the biggest range of spa chemicals in WA. Below you will find information on a few of the different types of pool sanitisers, including, Nature 2, Spa poppitts, Ozone Accelerator (Hydrogen peroxide) Spa Chlorine, Bromine and Spa Shock.

Here we will cover the basic operation of each of these chemicals, based on a 1000 litre spa. You have a choice of the four below systems to choose from when sanitising your spa. Nature 2, Bromine, Chlorine or Spa poppits. Please note; you can not use ozonator as the only sanitiser in your spa, you must use a combination of other sanitisers.

Nature 2
Nature 2 is a mineral sanitiser; it uses silver to kill bacteria, the sticks last 3 to 4 months and should be changed when the water is changed. Chlorine and spa shock is used with this system
Start up instructions
Add the stick to the middle of the filter
Fill water to just below the head rests
Adjust ph and alkalinity (usually add about 100g of Alkalinity increaser) this is in the Perth metro area
Add 1 tablespoon of granulated spa chlorine (then check on a regular basis)
Add 1 tablespoon of spa shock 15 minutes each time before entering spa.

Additional notes
Make sure you clean your filter weekly
Chlorine disappears fast in a warm spa, so make sure you check it often e.g. add a tablespoon every two days.

Fill spa to just below the head rests
Balance pH and alkalinity
Add 2 tablets to a bromine dispenser and place dispenser in pool.
Add one tablespoon of chlorine (as it takes a day or so for the bromine tablet to start dissolving and working)
Add 3 tablespoons of spa shock once per week.

Additional notes
If bromine levels are low, open up the dispenser, if levels are too high, close the windows on the dispenser. Whenever the levels are low and the spa is to be used, top up with a tablespoon of spa chlorine, this will boost the sanitiser level and give you a better reading. Test all levels at least once per week.

Spa Chlorine
A spa can be run just on spa chlorine, note: if you are using spa chlorine and no other sanitiser, then you will need to keep the levels pretty high i.e. above 4 parts per million, many people use a mixture of sanitisers, this helps keep chlorine to a minimum, helps eliminate the smell of chlorine and also helps get rid of the used chlorine. Spa shock is reccomended to use with spa chlorine.

Additional notes
Do not use pool chlorine, this can damage your acrylic shell and components.
Do not use liquid chlorine.

Spa Poppits and Ozone Activator (Hydrogen Peroxide) This works very well with Ozonators, it allows a total chlorine free system.
General dosage amounts per 1000 liters water
· Ozone accelerator -this is the main sanitiser- 200 mls weekly or when needed according to ozone test strips, keep level at maximum 100 ppm - 10 ppm minimum. Spa Poppits use 400ml per week
On the average spas require dosing every 2/3 or 4 days just depending on spa usage. This routine will depend on spa usage. Always use gloves. This product can be used in double dosages if required.
· Ozone activator or Quick Fix- used as a shock- 20 to 40 gm weekly or after heavy loading.
Total alkalinity levels must read between 80 - 120 ppm if ta levels are below 60 ppm do not add ozone activator till total alkalinity levels have been corrected with alkaline increaser.
· Ozone clear -algae stat- 5 mls per fortnight only do not overdose this product.
· Ozone Isaac technologies test strips - these strips are used to test accelerator levels. Test weekly before entering spa
(all dosage amounts are stated on the labels)
(It is safe to enter spa 30 mins after dosing)

Clean filter cartridge once per week with your garden hose, soak filter cartridge once per month. When using Spa Poppits of Ozone activator empty your spa every 8 to 12 weeks, use spa pipe degreaser before emptying the spa.

Ozone machines (ozonators)
These work quite well, not only do they kill bacteria they are also good at eliminating used chloramines and a number of other unwanted spa water inhabitants. Ozone machines require little or no maintenance and some people argue that you do not need to add as many chemicals.

Spa Chemicals
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