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Spa Girls

Tuscany brown spa
Tuscany semi-rigid Spa

Retail $2495 now $1695 limited time only
Bubble spa


*Crafted by imitation wood frame panel, synthetic leather trim & cover, and high-quality laminated PVC interior for durability

*135 air jets provide soothing streams of water to reduce stress and rejuvenate the body

*1200ltr water capacity

*Heats up to 42 degrees

*Inflatable bladder lid insulation package offers heat preservation

*Set of 2 self clean water filter cartridges included

*Integrated self-drainage system makes for easy water removal

*Advanced control panel for easy operation

*Extra strong detachable trip reinforced vinyl liner for durability and years of trouble free usage

*Synthetic leather cover with locks for safety when not in use

*Silver round twist turn lock which is easy for liner attachment

*Easy set-up, no special tool required and seats up to 6 people

*Size: Inner diameter: 1.93m x 1.93 x 0.73mH/76” x 76” x 29”H

*Seating: 5-6 person
*Water Capacity: 1200L

*Floor: Reinforced PVC floor

*Color: Metallic Silver

*Wall: Premium imitation wall frame

*Control box: External
*Number of air jet: 135

*Weight: 79kg (dry), 1279kgs (Filled with water)

*Heater: 900W/1.22HP (US)

*Massage air blower: 720W/1HP; 900W/1.22HP(US); 620W for GS

*Filter pump: 530gal/2000L/h, 60W, 12V; US-600gal/2300L/h, 55W, 120V(US)

*Heat Increasing rate: 0.5-1.5°C/Hour; 1-1.5°F/Hour(US)

*Max. water temperature: 42°C


Bubble spa

2015 model now in stock
Packaging and box sizes
Carton A = 38kg 72cm x 70cm x 35cm
Carton B = 52kg 61cm x 85cm x 61cm

Also available in Brown

Brown tuscany spa

2015 model now in stock


Spa comes with a
lockable lid

Spa price

retail $2495
sale price $1695
Only while stocks last

mspa bubble spa
2015 model now in stock

Q. What sort of power do I need
A. Just a normal household power point

Q. Are they very strong
A. Yes, these are the strongest type of bubble spa on the market

Q. What sort of warranty do you have
A. 12 months

Q. Do I have to send my spa over east for repairs if it needs them.
A. In the rare case that you would need repairs, simply bring it to the store and we will repair it for you.

Q. Do you have one on display that we can look at and test.
A. Yes come in and have a look, you will be very impressed

Q. Do you need chemicals or sanitisers
A.Yes we have chemical kits available from $60

Q. Can you have the spa cold?
A. Yes you can turn the temperature anywhere from 20 to 42c, turn the heater off in summer if you like

Q. Are the spas good for winter
A. Yes just set your spa to a nice warm temperature of around 37c

Q. What surface should the spa be put on to
A. Paving, decking, a concrete slab and anything that is strong and can support the weight. Do not put the spa on sand gravel or grass. The spa does come with a thick rubber mat that lays underneath the spa

Optional extras

floating spa disoc light
Floating lights $65


floating spa bar
Floating spa bars $25

spa filters mspa
Filters set of two $50
(spa comes with 2 filters no extra charge)

spa vacuum

Spa vacuum $55

spa chemical kit

Chemical Kit $70