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Spa Girls

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West Coast Spas
The Only 100% West Australian owned spa company in Perth, all the others are From the east coast or China

Here at West Coast Spas we do things a little different. We believe in giving the best customer service possible. We believe the customer is our best asset and we do everything in our power to exceed their expectations. Where as most companies are profit driven and fail with customer service, we believe if you look after the customer the profits will look after them selves. Our service does not stop there either. We actually have many customers whom purchased their spa elsewhere and come to us for service, parts advice and chemicals, as most spa shops do not give very good after sales service to their customers.

West Coast Spas regularly donate to the following charities
Starlight Foundation, Variety WA, Men of the trees, WA Disabled Sports Association, Breast Cancer Foundation, Sea Shepherd and the RSPCA

We plant a tree for every sale we get

We are one of the longest running spa shops in WA. We have an excellent reputation for service and quality.

Our West Coast Spas are made in Australia and our showroom is in Joondalup, we send spas all over Australia.

Our range of Sapphire Spas have recently won the environmental award for most economic, there is no spa on the planet as economical, we have all the tests and back up information available

There are many companies stating that they are an Australian company and that their spas are designed in Australia, but they fail to mention that their spas are made in China or India, it is almost like they are ashamed to mention where they are made. (With the reputation of Chinese made spas, I don't blame them) Watch out for spa shops who state their spas are all Australian parts but are assembled in China, this is a big lie, the main part of their spa, is formed, fiberglassed, drilled and plumbed in China, this is the biggest part of your spa, the spa shell, it is the most important part of your spa. What they should be saying is the spa is made in China, it is , formed, fiberglassed drilled, plumbed and then assembled with a Chinese made plumbing and a Chinese frame and Chinese plastic cabinet. (Watch out for this one) with 60% of the spas companies in Perth selling imported spas, you need to be informed where your spa is manufactured

We are proud to say where our spas are manufactured. Making spas in Australia keeps jobs in Australia, it is better for the economy and better for the environment and if your spa comes with a manufacturers warranty, it is good to know that your manufacturer is in Australia. Australian made spas are famous for quality and reliability.

We have a rule, if it is made in Australia, we will sell it, if we want to stock a product that is not made in Australia we will import it from overseas, for example there is no manufacturers in Australia who makes inflatable spas, so we import them, same with our portable infra red saunas, no one makes them here, so we import them, there is no option, but when it comes to portable spas and swim spas, there is an option, Australian made or imported and Australia has the best reputation world wide for manufacturing quality spas

Choose your flag

Chinese flag a Australian flag

Please choose carefully

If you have any questions at all, please come in or give us a call or an e-mail.

Phone (08) 9301 4922
e-mail info@westcoastspas.com.au



Australian made logo

Australian flag

The only 100% West Australian owned spa company in Perth

West Australian Owned