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Spa Girls

Spa Thatched Gazebo

West Coast Spas Perth
Highest quality spas at the best possible price

Cedar sauna Infra Red
portable spa perth
= $8780

Spa and Sauna Package $8780
Spa & Sauna package campaign more details

Our mission is to provide the highest quality outdoor spas at the best possible price and give the best service available.

We only sell West Australian and Australian manufactured outdoor spas; it is impossible to provide a decent level of service when selling overseas manufactured spas, Australia manufactures the highest quality spas available.

We have a huge range of outdoor spas including our own West Coast Spas and other Australian manufactured spas, and due to the fact that no one makes them here in Australia, we are also an importer of bubble spas and inflatable spas

Spa heat pump perth
phone number
FAR Infra Red Cedar Sauna
Cedar sauna Infra Red

We have Perth's largest range of saunas, from Infra Red to traditional, available in cedar and hemlock
We Plant a tree for every sale we get
Carbon Neutral offset

No need to go to a day spa to get a massage, spa or a sauna, with your own West Coast Spas spa and sauna package, you could treat yourself every day.

If you are looking for a Spa or Sauna in Perth or any where in West Australia, give us a call 9301 4922 or email info@westcoastspas.com.au
Spa gazebio
Gazebos from $2490

SNature 2 Spa Chemicals

For the best advice on spa chemicals check out our chemicals page or come in and check out our showroom, we have Perth's largest range of spa chemicals

carbon spa power
Ask us how you can save energy

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Check out our Spa Care page

Australian Flag
Our spas are proudly Australian made and owned

West Coast Spas are a
SPASA member